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DTI offers a wide range of internet options. Experience internet connections wherever you may be in DTI coverage areas, and discover why so many people are talking about DTI wireless internet.

DTI - Wireless internet to-go.

Say Hello To Seamless Internet Access from DTI

Free yourself from cables and enjoy wireless internet at home and on-the-go. Are you ready for internet access to-go? DTI internet turns your entire city into one giant hotspot, so you can surf, stream and more anywhere with DTI coverage. The 4G WiMAX network is designed specifically for today's internet users, so you can stream movies, download music, and even video chat wirelessly, both in your home and all around town.

The Benefits of 4G

DTI's network was designed to be able to deliver enough broadband and speed so you can do anything online you could with a DSL or cable connection, but without the cables. 3G networks are fine for making phone calls, but trying to stream videos or send large files taxes both the network and your patience. The DTI 4G WiMAX network gives you access to broadband speeds with the added benefit of being able to access the internet wherever you go inside DTI coverage.

DTI Packages & Service Plans

No matter what kind of wireless internet experience you are looking for, you will find it from DTI. If you just want fast broadband internet at home without the complicated installation, then one of DTI's home plans is for you. If you are always out and about and never without your laptop, then an on-the-go plan is the plan you should choose. Or you can bundle together both the wireless home internet and on-the-go internet services.

Experience the freedom of wireless internet

With DTI you get the freedom to take your broadband internet connection with you wherever you go within DTI coverage. There's no need to track down hotspots, purchase expensive hotel access, or even buy a cup of coffee so you can use the wi-fi. Check out the DTI coverage in your area and call today to start surfing on your own terms.

The Speed you need.

Portable Wi-Fi hotspots, USB Modems, Laptops & Netbooks and More

What makes DTI so different?

The DTI 4G Network is noticeably faster than 3G², and was specifically designed for wireless internet access. 4G lets you take the internet with you wherever you are within DTI coverage.

DTI is perfect for your mobile device.

Need wireless Internet for your phone? Connect your Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device to your own mobile hotspot or DTI Spot® 4G.